Need a Speaker?

With over 35 years of experience, Jeff is very knowledgeable on a range of financial issues and personal money matters. 

He presents entertaining, educational and insightful talks on a variety of important and timely financial topics that impact everyone's lives, especially those people who are striving towards a secure retirement. 

Among the areas of Jeff's expertise is Social Security planning.  He has recently presented workshops entitled "Savvy Social Security Planning for Boomers" and "Savvy Social Security Planning for Women".  This information is critical for those who are nearing retirement.

He also speaks on topics that are particularly important to women.  His workshops on the "10 Things Every Woman Should Know About Her Finances" were very well received. 

Jeff can tailor his talk to the interests and demographics of the audience for maximum impact.

Jeff's goal is to have the attendees come away from the presentation with very practical information that they can put to use right away, a resource for further information, and most importantly, the motivation to take action on those things that matter most.

Please contact Jeff and discuss your groups interests and availability.

Call: 925-283-2733


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